The Immigration of Murphy's With A Dream; the ancestors of Nellie Blanch Murphy

Were they pushed or were they pulled from their lush and lovely Skibbereen?

It starts with 4 Irish brothers that immigrated to America. Don't most stories start with 3 or more Irish brothers? This is more than a story, it is a legacy. Joshua Murphy (O'Morchoe) and his wife Suzanna Porterfield came to the land of promise with their sons, Francis, John, and James from Skibbereen of County Cork, Ireland. Little Zacarhi passed away during the journey, with Susanna painfully giving her son to the foaming ocean grave. This is a story of courage, ingenuity and good ole' Irish grit.

Miss Nellie Blanch Murphy

Nellie Blanch Murphy was born on 25 Dec 1887 in Hoxie, Sheridan, Kansas. She was raised in a large loving family with deep Irish roots. This is about her life, her ancestors, and their amazing stories.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Three Sisters

Nellie, Bernice and Carrie at Nellie's wedding.


  1. Debbie this blog is incredible. Thanks for sharing!
    I love the Irish design.

  2. Jennifer thank you! The company that supplied my Irish design is have some minor difficulties right now. But hopefully we will have it back up like it was soon.


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